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The Empinia platform

Empinia is an open source software framework under the Apache Software License 2.0. Currently its mainly used for developing .NET-based GUI applications .
Its focus is on good software architecture and easy extensibility.
Empinia has a plugin infrastructure that allows to extend as well as being extensible. The management of plugins is done completely by Empinia: detecting, providing and loading plugins. Plugins are wired together at extension points. Those points are described in XML files, so using them is fairly easy. 

The motivation behind  

Long years of experience in software development taught us that the architecture of a large software is crucial for its future. We developed Empinia because we wanted a framework that has a rock-solid architecture, aligned with modern principles in software construction. We also wanted this platform to be easily extendible and therefore created a plugin infrastructure to allow extending and replacing single components with minimal effort. 

As developers, we wanted a framework that allows us to focus on the implementation of domain issues. It's annoying to deal with technical issues just because your tools don't do what they should do. 

The birth of Empinia 

As a software SME, we develop applications for the Windows platform since 1992. To put our products on a new foundation, we looked for a framework like Eclipse for the .NET platform. Unfortunately, we have not found anything similar. 

This was the birth of Empinia. We started the development of a plugin infrastructure as a base for Windows applications. In cooperation with the University of Applied Science HTW Berlin, we pushed Empinia forward and started re-engineering our own products to be the first Empinia-based software products.